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31 de dez. de 2015

Feliz Ano Novo!...

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Adrian Brown:
"In CPI's (Centre for Public Impact) global survey of 1,00 public officials, 92% of respondents said there was room for improvement in how government achieves impact, with nearly half agreeing that government was ineffective in this regard."

Thomas Prehn:
"The most important task for public service innovators should be to disseminate the way work through an organisation, and then the organisations will, in some cases at least, be more innovative, agile and adaptative as a result."

Andreas Schleicher:
"The trajectories of good reforms are very long and unfortunately in education there are very few quick fixes. Designing reforms so you can actually build a trajectory and then monitor it and evaluate the reform's success is something that is very hard."

Vikran Bhalla:
"It starts with achieving the results and benefits that were originally aimed for (profit, efficiencies, collaboration or change) and ensuring their long-term sustainnability."

Obs.: as citações acima foram extraídas do "Transforming Ideas into Solutions: From innovation to impact", publicação do "Centre for Public Impact", uma fundação do "Boston Consulting Group" de Boston/EUA.

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