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9 de out. de 2015

Innovation learning online: a new project - Nesta and The Open University

O Nesta e o The Open University estão desenvolvendo um projeto de aprendizado a distância sobre inovação no setor público, adotando uma nova abordagem para promover e disseminar os conteúdos do "DIY Toolkit".

Conforme constante do sítio (ver "link" abaixo):

"We’re excited to kick off a new project in collaboration with The Open University to develop an online learning programme in innovation, based on the DIY Toolkit, and co-funded by the Rockefeller Foundation."


"We believe that there is a learning gap somewhere in-between. Online content on its own won’t bring about deep learning and shifts in innovation capability. On the other hand, training offers are limited in their potential to reach the large numbers of people that require support. For innovation to become the new normal, we need to find new models to achieve maximum impact with limited resources."

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