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2 de set. de 2015

The Innovation Imperative in the Public Sector

Segue, dica de leitura do colega Bruno "The Innovation Imperative in the Public Sector: Setting an Agenda for Action".

Conforme constante do sítio da OCDE iLibrary, na página que trata da publicação em questão, "The public sector has to become more innovative if it is to tackle today’s complex challenges and meet society’s changing expectations. But becoming truly innovative requires deep and broad changes to organisational culture and operations. Drawing on evidence emerging from the OECD Observatory of Public Sector Innovation’s collection of innovative practices from around the world, this report looks at how to create a government where innovation is encouraged and nurtured".

E, conforme constante do sítio onde a publicação está disponível (a seguir), "This book identifies how organisations can improve their capacity for innovation by empowering the workforce, generating ideas, adopting new methods of work and reducing regulatory complexity".


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