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5 de out. de 2015

Service Design Toolkit

No endereço podemos acessar o "Service Design Toolkit", que disponibiliza (sob uma Licença Creative Commons) uma metodologia para a implantação de ações de inovação de serviços, baseada no "Design Thinking".

A metodologia disponibiliza, para "download" dos interessados, todos os insumos necessários à sua implantação (manuais, "posters, workshop materials e technique cards").

Conforme constante no sítio:

"With a simple step-by-step plan we offer you a practical do-it-yourself guide.

What is service design?

Service design is a method for improving the quality of your service. Those improvements are directed at both the users and staff of your organization. Innovating in services is not new. Every organization that provides services thinks seriously about improving the quality of its service at some point.

What is new, however, is that this innovation is approached from a human-driven way of design thinking. In this method, we start from the needs and requirements of users and look for solutions together with these users and other stakeholders. Ideas are swiftly crystallized using photos, drawings and models and systematically reviewed with the users.

In service design, a wide range of disciplines come together, such as ethnography, consumer research, interaction design, product design, industrial design, service marketing and corporate strategy."

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