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24 de ago. de 2015

Em janeiro de 2011, o governo dos EUA criou o sítio "" para ser o portal unificado das competições de desafio e de prêmios do governo federal. Este é o local onde são realizadas as ações de "crowdsourcing" para a busca de soluções criativas e inovadoras do público para resolver problemas de missão centrada no governo.

Conforme constante do sítio, os desafios e as competições de prêmios:

"Also known as incentive competitions, open innovation, crowdsourcing, and more, these program allow a program office to seek unique and creative solutions to mission-centric problems. You’ll need to determine whether the solution you seek is best matched with a prize competition, grant, or traditional contract.
With a contract, you have requirements and outline exactly what you want the company to do and what they will deliver in the end. This means that you are counting on the company to deliver and they will be paid regardless of outcome.
With a challenge competition, you are defining the problem and framing the end-result you seek. Solvers enter the competition and have free reign and creativity to go about getting you the result you’ve described as the best possible outcome. If a solver meets your criteria and is judged a winner, you award them a prize (whether financial, incentive, or a combination) and your contractual relationship is complete. The framework has brought thousands of people with diverse talent and skills to engage and collaborate with government in a way that has a low barrier to entry and often low risk.
Benefits of prize competitions:
  • Pay only for performance
  • Discover new talent
  • Stimulate the market
  • Make the impossible possible
  • Drive collaborative innovation
  • Power ideas into reality
Meet winners and hear about why crowdsourcing works for both seekers and solvers in a three-minute video: Celebrates Four Years.
Planning your challenge competition includes the following components:
  • Problem definition
  • Prize design
  • Legal authority
  • Resource assessment, assignments, and contracting
  • Launch plan
  • Communications and outreach
  • Solver community management
  • Judging
  • Implementation
  • Reporting and metrics
Once you have an idea of what type of competition you’re running, details and resources are available in the following categories:

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