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15 de jul. de 2015

LabWorks 2015 - Global Lab Gathering London

Após a participação do colegas Pedro (Diretor) e Daniel (Gerente) no "LabWorks 2015 - Global Lab Gathering London", trago informações disponíveis no sítio do NESTA sobre o evento.

"This was the fourth global lab gathering, an annual event that brings together the growing international network of innovation labs, units, offices and teams working inside and alongside Government on society’s biggest challenges.

LabWorks 2015 aimed to bring together public innovators from across the world to hear about the latest tools, learn new skills, share thinking and experience and build the basis for future collaboration.

Though they might use different names and draw on different methods, from behavioural economics through design to data science, labs share a common commitment to a new experimental approach, trialing and testing new approaches in search of scalable solutions.

With the first wave of labs now in their second decade, now is a great time to take stock.
  • What is the evidence so far for innovation labs' success?
  • What do we know about how they work?
  • How can their successes be repeated at scale?
LabWorks itself acted as an innovation lab - blending our existing networks and knowledge of public innovation with external inspiration and challenge, testing our assumptions and generating new ideas in the process.

The core aim was to inspire in each other a new sense of what is possible in public service innovation backed up by practical knowledge of the tools and the skills we need to make it happen.

The key focus was ultimately practical - for those working in public innovation labs or about to set one up this was a unique opportunity to build networks and knowledge.

Attendees were able to:
  • Learn a new skill, expand their understanding and starting to develop their own plans for public innovation labs in workshops and conference sessions led by the world’s leading practitioners and experts.
  • Apply what they have learned about Lab methods to their own challenges.
  • Discover how Labs can build lasting change, turning temporary experiments into repeatable successes at scale.
  • Identify the methods and approaches that are having the biggest effect and why.  See the real evidence that Innovation Labs are working and learn how to best measure their own impact.

Related events:

1. Opening Governance Research: Taking Stock and Looking Forward - Wednesday 8 July, Nesta
The MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Opening Governance and Nesta held a public workshop on innovations in governance. The event focused on lessons learned and remaining questions related to innovations in health and wellbeing, Internet Governance, and economic development, among other areas of public concern.

2. Lab Practitioners Workshop - Friday 10 July, Nesta 

3. Coaching Retreat, 11- 12 July
A small group spent more time going deeper into their specific projects and receiving bespoke coaching and advice. Nesta, GovLab, La 27e Region and MindLab jointly offered an intensive two-day coaching retreat for teams actively working on Lab strategy and implementation projects. The goal was to provide direct, hands-on support and expert advice that, together, help accelerate the movement of these real-world projects toward successful implementation."

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